Amps & Axes - #051 - Jeff & Mick

Hello AaA Fans. Here's the latest episode of your Amps and Axes Podcast. Since we just turned 50 last week, the guys decided to take this episode of the show back to where it all started. In lieu of a guest, this week the guys sit down and talk about the physics of the guitar and sound in general. Always an interesting topic, so enjoy and Thanks for Listening. 

Mick's Limited run Gibson SG 1961 reissue in antique black


Ask Amp Man: Modifying an Early Fender Super-Sonic 60

Photo courtesy of Eric Taylor (

For the complete story click here... From our friends at Premier Guitar

Jeff Bober is one of the godfathers of the low-wattage amp revolution. He co-founded and was originally the principal designer for Budda Amplification, though he launched EAST Amplification ( in 2010. You can email him at

Mick's Leslie West USA Dean number 22 of 100

I've talked about this guitar on the show and I wanted to share the pictures. I no longer own this guitar but it was a dream to play and it sounded awesome. It was meant for a collector so I had to let it go.