Amps & Axes - #060 - Jeff & Mick answer your questions

Hello AaA Fans. Here's the latest episode of your Amps and Axes Podcast. We'll call this one NAMMless. No the guys aren't at the NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) Conference, but all their guests are! So this week the guys decide to address a couple of listener questions. The show does start  with a bit of discussion about NAMM, followed by a few surprising developments in the guitar world (can you say The Rev BFG and EJ?). They then get into a couple of interesting questions, first regarding counterfeit PRS guitars and then the topic of Attenuators. We hope you find it interesting. Enjoy!

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This just in our good friend Frank Picha sent us some great Pics from 2015 NAMM

Amps & Axes Quick Lick with Jason Sadites

Hello AaA Fans, this week Jason shows you a cool Guthrie Govan inspired lick based mostly off of an A Major 7 arpeggio and an F# Minor Pentatonic scale. Sit back and enjoy while Jason presents this sl

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