Amps & Axes - #041 - Dwight Maddox from MDX Guitars

Hello AaA fans. Here's your latest installment of the Amps and Axes Podcast. This week the guys get into a conversation about Autotune which leads to a conversation about REAL vocalists with recognizable voices, which leads to a conversation about guitarists with recognizable sounds, which finally leads to this weeks guest, guitar builder Dwight Maddox of MDX Guitars. Dwight is a builder of unique one-of-a-kind guitars, built the old school way. You'll also find that he's pretty good at a few other things too! Enjoy and Thanks for listening. 

Enjoy and Onward!!!

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Ask Amp Man: Does My Mesa Head Need All Eight Power Tubes?

Photo courtesy of Eric Taylor (

Photo courtesy of Eric Taylor (

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