Amps & Axes - #068 - Greg Martin


Hi AaA Fans. Here's the next episode of your Amps and Axes Podcast. Mick starts this one out talking about Eddie Trunk's interview of guitarist Joe Holmes. Then there's talk of Zack, Jake E Lee and Dean Zelinsky of Dean Guitars, all of which have ties to Ozzy. Then they bring on this week's guest, guitarists and founding father of the Hunters! Ladies and Gents, please welcome Mr Greg Martin of The Kentucky Headhunters. Enjoy! 

Visit the Greg's website here...


Amps & Axes Quick Lick with Jason Sadites

This week Jason plays you an excerpt from the song 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' from his CD 'WEVE' which features Chad Wackerman on drums and Martin Motnik on bass. Have fun ripping through this odd time riff complete with open string legato lines all at a good tempo :-) Have fun!

Eddie Van Halen at the Smithsonian

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